Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions and Gravy

On a day when folks are trolling the internet for ideas on how to eat healthy, I went all Miss Kay (does anyone else love Duck Dynasty?) on my family and made country fried steak, with mashed potatoes…and


Oh yeah…take that January 2nd!! Take that resolutions!!

I made gravy today for two reasons: 1) my meal begged for it and 2) out of spite for the resolutions I have made in years gone by.

Because you know what, I stink at resolutions. Remember my post last year? I said I was going to pretty up my blog…and use coupons…and neither of them stuck, as witnessed by my “end of the year” meeting with my husband. On the agenda: how much I spent in groceries. No, I will not be on TLC for Extreme Couponing. Also, notice my blog? It isn’t prettier…or more user friendly…or even correct! Poor Jack, he still isn’t on the main pictures. I assure you, he’s cute, but as I type, he’s destroying the office…bit by bit. You try figuring out how to make blog look prettier with an 18 month old ripping off stamps as he unloads the desk drawers.

Perhaps my resolution this year should be to get a handle on my kids and their behavior?

I am digressing.

My point for today is that even though I generally err on the side of healthy when it comes to eating and exercise, I am going to enjoy a nice hunk of country fried steak tonight…with gravy, because, that’s what was in my freezer.

I know, lucky me, huh?

I’m going to fight the good fight when it comes to keeping myself fit, but don’t you worry (especially my husband who is starting to get nervous that I’ll try to go all crazy healthy on him), I’ll bust out a good gravy now and again.

Even on January 2nd!

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