Friday, May 17, 2013

A Morning in the Country

Birds chirping happily in the early morning sun.
Leaves rustling in the gentle breeze.
Calves playing on the hillside as their mamas watch, grazing in the green grass.
Seems like what a country morning should be, right?

Then, one catches a whiff of diesel fuel...
The VRRRROOOOOMM start up sound of a tractor.
Farmer Joe's laugh as he greets the man delivering fertilizer at 6:00 in the morning.
The sound of Jack's agonizing cry as I drag him in for the third time, peel off his rubber boots and explain to him that it is 6:15 in the morning, and NO we are not going outside yet.
Dust settles on all my dark furniture as yet another tractor drives by our house.

My brain nearly explodes as I realize Anna's homework was not completed thanks to our unreliable country internet service.

These are the true sights and sounds of a country morning, people.

We're hopping early this morning, thankfully, as not only has the weather cooperated for corn planting to be going great guns, but my cousin graduates from college tomorrow, so plans have been made for mandatory ceremony attendance from her father (the primary planter driver, and my uncle), and Jack will be two on Sunday, so there's the potential of a small-ish party for him in celebration of his special day. Plus, I think I need to mention again that THE WEATHER HAS COOPERATED!!!

There's a frantic pace behind the sights and sounds of the country morning, because, although THE WEATHER HAS COOPERATED (I feel like that has to be in all capitals), there's always the potential that it won't. Behind the loud start up of the tractor is Joe, hustling to finish chores so he can plant his corn. The guys began today way before dawn, disrupting the break of dawn light with headlights as they began to plant in the wee hours. They're trying. There's a timeline. There's Mother Nature. And then there's just the will to get this stupid crop in the ground so we can quit worrying about it.

My hope is that our country morning tomorrow will be a bit more peaceful. I'm hoping to enjoy the birds singing, the dawn breaking, and the fresh air like we country folks should.

I'm also hoping Joe will be around to help me spread mulch, but that's maybe stretching it!

Happy Friday!

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