Sunday, May 19, 2013

Batteries Not Included

A little over two years ago, we found out we were expecting a bouncing baby boy. I figured I was somewhat prepared. I already had three other kids, one of them quite a tomboy, so how different could a boy really be?

Two years later, I’m eating my words. 

I now am a sweaty mess, as I chase our boy through our friend’s yard. I’m constantly dodging thrown balls, swung bats, and have nearly lost toenails from the wheels of tractors that seem to constantly be planting, harvesting, mowing, checking cows, etc. as I am making dinner.

So why wouldn’t we purchase him an enormous battery powered John Deere tractor with a loader and a backhoe? Why wouldn’t I want to give my already quite speedy toddler wheels to ride and most likely steer poorly?

Because, for the past week, whenever Jack was asked about his birthday, whether it was the cake or the presents or anything, the answer always included tractors.

“Tractors on it” (the cake).
“Tractors in it” (the presents).
“Big tractors” (in a pleading tone….).

So, off to Farm King I went, alone because Joe was planting, and purchased this piece of equipment. Thankfully, it was one of the last ones, so it was fully assembled. When I brought it home, I told Joe that bit of good news and reminded him to plug in the new battery.

That was Wednesday.

This morning, Sunday, with great pomp and circumstance, the tractor was unveiled, and boy was Jack thrilled! As he climbed on and grabbed the steering wheel, he asked, “I go on grass?”
Well, it was 6:30 in the morning, so no, but as he pushed the pedal, I realized it was a BIG FAT NO, as we (and when I say we, I mean JOE) had forgotten to charge the battery.


However, our kids are parented by the belief that  disappointment breeds character, and also makes for a good story, right? So, Jack has enjoyed the new tractor, the big tractor, in our living room, pushing the buttons that take double A batteries, and have heard us talk up how fun it will be to ride this piece of equipment…


Thankfully, Jack just rolls with it. Although it may seem he has received the short end of the birthday stick, he had a great day. This crazy spring has caused us great issues, planning issues, stress issues, when to buy groceries and what to buy issues. We have had no birthday party planned because no corn had been planted, by either side of the family, until just a few days ago. Until yesterday, when we finished (and when I say we, I mean JOE), I didn’t even have a cake baked. 

That’s the story of this spring.  Forgotten details thanks to late nights and lack of sleep. Details skipped because of lack of planning time and definite answers. Last minute everything.

No matter, though. Today ended up being a special day, nonetheless, and not because of a crazy fun impromptu birthday carnival we put on. It was because we made a conscious effort to make this birthday more about time together, and remembering this day, this stage, and this sweet little chubby cheeked boy in all his tractor glory. Although we kept busy, we spent time squirting each other with squirt guns. We had a gourmet dinner of Casey’s pizza and cake, and that couldn’t have been more perfect.

Our baby is two. He’s a big guy, soon to be on motorized wheels (just a few more hours of charging left!), and we couldn’t be happier.

We love you, Jack, and we know that there are so many more fun things to come your way, and next time, we’ll try to remember the batteries!

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  1. Our two-year old son got a battery powered tractor and wagon for his birthday too from his Grandpa. He had fun helping Dad put it together and had to wait till the next day to actually drive it as well due to the battery not being charged. Good luck with the new toy and be ready to help steer!