Friday, January 3, 2014

Don't Get Me Wrong, I'm All For Trends

As I was poring through, considering making an Ugg boot purchase, I realized that maybe this consideration of purchasing a rather bulky, however, utterly warm and truly trendy footwear  piece may be a poor judgement call. Maybe I want these boots because they're still the "it" footwear item, and I have yet to pull the trigger, and figure it's now or never, considering they may be "out" next year. Maybe I'm just trying to look younger, since, on my next birthday, I'll be closer to 40 than 30. Or maybe it's the fact that it's darned cold, and my TOES ARE FREEZING.

However, trends are trends. Whether it's Uggs or, I don't know…non-GMOs foods…trends are trends.

Remember a few years back? When everything that had High Fructose Corn Syrup was definitely toxic to your entire being? Well, Cheerios…I know, blessed Cheerios, has jumped the labeling bandwagon. The irony of this is, as my sweet, smart cousin Sarah, referred to in a Facebook conversation, Cheerios has now replaced their GMO crop beet sugar with…cane sugar, which, like high fructose corn sugar/syrup, is STILL SUGAR, people.


But they didn't stop there.

Non-GMO foods are the trend right now. We try to eat more "real" food, as who wants to pump chemicals and junk in your body, I realize this. Thus, we raise our own beef; we pick apples from the nearby orchard in the fall. Who doesn't love a fresh strawberry? How about summer vegetables? We received some salsa from a dear friend, all from her garden, and it was divine.

However…this overracting on labeling is overriding the obvious. In this article from (thank you Holly and Katie) the first line states that that General Mills will not be altering the "formula, and has never used genetically modified oats."

You know WHY???

 A quick google search will have you find that oats are NOT A GENETICALLY MODIFIED CROP.

Never were.

And probably, with all of this craziness, NEVER will be.

However, don't google that, because there's also a lot of crazy sites that will lead you to believe that you should go ahead and buy your Uggs because we're all going to die from some sort of food produced by some evil plant, so live it up…and eat twigs and berries.

My point is, friends, honestly, let's be real here. The Cheerios labeling is just another marketing ploy. All of you moms who fed your sweet babies these precious o's will not have a sweet school aged child with learning disabilities because they ate the cereal that included beet sugar instead of natural cane sugar. Simiarly, our crops that are fueling vehicles on the road and are fed to our animals are not going to cause you to lead anything but a pretty cushy first world life with problems such as what color of Uggs should you buy.

Which leads me back to my original question…back to!

Blogger's note: If you want to read more information about this, go to Katie's blog. She wrote a good one today.


  1. I agree.....whatever is bad today....just give it a couple of years and it will be fine and something else will be bad. I say just be smart, God gave us a brain....use it!!