Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So, It's Been Cold, What Else Is New?


It's ridiculous. It's so ridiculous, that today, when it was 31 degrees, I rushed through the car wash and then even considered wearing just a vest, no coat, because it felt so warm.


However, not just cold has been going on. While school was cancelled for two more days, we weren't Alabama or anything. Have you read about this? Kids stuck at school? Parents unable to drive because of ice? Is this for real, or is this because they're in the South? I'm not being smarty, I'm just wondering.

Anyway, while my children have enjoyed their two extra days off with activities such as cleaning out closets, practicing the piano and going to Grandma's (which cancels out all productive activity! We love Grandma!), the world of agriculture has had to endure some more bad press/equally ridiculous marketing from our lovely friends at Chipotle, got a farm bill, kind of, and have been completely freaked out by various projections for the next year's prices to be down…down…down…way down.

Oh good times.

All the while, I just blissfully sorted clothes and went to the gym, so I give you more information, friends. I am doing the lazy woman's post, but reposting better information…maybe it's the smart woman's post. I am no expert, but here's some information that you will hear about in regards to the aforementioned three topics:
1) Chipotle-- Max Armstrong, Holly Spangler, and Farmer Joe all weighed in on this issue. To quote the great farm broadcaster, Mr. Armstrong, "Chipotle's healthier than thou marketing needs to be questioned." Uhhhh…yeah. Basically, they're knocking hogs raised in confinements. With our temperatures the way they were the past few days, their reaction to this (according to my sweet friend Holly) was that they'd "raise pork outside, but only when it's economically feasible." Really? So, where do the little piggies go when it's -50 wind chill and snowy? INSIDE. Like the other piggies down the road. Gah.

2) The Farm Bill: So this is a part of agriculture that baffles me. They call it the Farm Bill, and while the numbers agricultural aspects such as conservation, commodities and crop insurance are getting seem large, look at the Food Stamps and Nutrition aspect.
Thank you for this chart.

And, yet, and YET, people are still walking around griping about those "rich" farmers who get soooooo much help from governmental programs. Again, I'm no expert, but this doesn't look too "farmy" of a Farm Bill to me. Feel free to weigh in. Again, I'M NO EXPERT.

3) Market Projections. Oh Lord help us. The words "4 dollar corn" have been uttered. Furrowed brows and bankers and analysts and marketing gurus are hoping they're wrong, but times, they are a changing. I'm hopeful that this means they'll be an awesome, bumper crop and maybe we won't notice the difference in price, ha, ha. But, I'm not so sure. Joe attended an ag marketing breakfast in town, and while the biscuits and gravy were delicious, the projections weren't as palatable. Anyway, look for more exciting information on this as it transpires.

Sorry for the downer today, but it just goes with this lovely January territory I guess. I'm hopeful that February brings new hope of less snow, warmer temperatures, and happy cute farm kid stories to share.

Until then…enjoy!


  1. Isn't it crazy the weather we survive in every winter and then in other parts of the US they completely shut down?!
    The farm bill still has so many components I don't understand or keep up with but one thing I'll never understand is why Food Stamps is in the same category!!

    - Laura Beth

  2. We live in the South and were hit with the winter weather. On that note this area shut down because we only receive this type of weather once every few years. We have less of the needed equipment and materials because of the lack of winter weather. Now if you want to talk about heat, humidity and hurricanes we are typically more than prepared for those. We find it odd when places shut down up north because of extreme heat, 100 degree + are relatively normal summer days here.

    I'm not sure why kids in Bama were stuck in schools but I can tell you the ones around ATL were more than likely due to the gridlock, which is normal in ATL but when you add in bad weather (of any kind) it's crazy!!

    And the farm bill will always be a mystery. My hubs and I discussed last night how some farm organizations are for this bill while others are fully against it. I guess we will all wait and see what this next year our neck of the woods we just plow, plant and pray :)

  3. Down here in Alabama we were totally unprepared for the winter weather because snow storms like this only come every couple of years, this means that we don't allocate our funds for equipment for snow, but for hurricanes or tornadoes.
    Personally, in my area of the state, I was in my college classroom when the snow began simply because they were only calling for 1-2 inches of snow. Sadly, they were unable to call in the school buses in time to safely get the children home.
    Basically, the mayhem wasn't because southerners are uneducated, it's just because we're prepared for other things that are more likely to happen. =)