Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Well, look at that.

I've never started a blog with a hashtag.

Does that mean that I'm increasing my youthfulness? Am I more hip?

Nah…we're just starting a new adventure!

I have mentioned that my grandma is 100, as in 100 years old. The amazing thing about her, is that besides a hip replacement due to a fall and a few minor illnesses, the woman is the epitome of health. Seriously. She is 100, friends, and doesn't take anything but an Anacin once in a while for a head ache.

However, I think the secret to her success is a wide variety of good, nutritious food. She's never been one for fad diets. Although she probably knows of Dr. Oz, she would disagree with his extremist beliefs: her favorite piece of advice, "Everything in moderation." However, they would agree on his eating philosophy: breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

But that's it.

Never trendy, always delicious, her lunch time meals were a rainbow of color. Her table, generally set with her signature red checked table cloth, was always full of choices. Not only did you have a source of protein, but you had a starch (typically a potato of some sort), at least two vegetables, a fruit choice, slices of bread and butter, and dessert.

Always dessert.

But not much of it. Portion control was key too.

She always, always served a vegetable. And, when I was younger and she was a little more spry, they were, in season, from her own garden. I never knew until I was in college the corn could come from a can. It came from a frozen tupperware container with a masking tape label from Grandma.

She never made a stink about how they were grown. She doesn't have the personality for over debate, because there was no debate: Eat Your Veggies. Period. Wash them, make sure there's nothing crazy going on with them, cook them or eat them raw, but eat them. Always.

However, this is not a post about my grandma and her fountain of nutritional youth. It's the inaugural post of our #EatYourVeggies campaign. Thanks to the lovely folks at, the word is getting out, the big secret about veggies.

Guess what that is?


Who cares if they're organic or conventional. Wash them off, prepare them as your family likes, dip them in ranch dressing, drizzle them with olive oil, but JUST EAT THEM.

I have some friends who are joining me on this plight, as I'm not an expert veggie grower, but I do prepare them for my family…sometimes to great success (asparagus!), sometimes to no avail (brussel sprouts…Pinterest, you LIE that they will gobble up roasted brussel sprouts!!). So, I'm going to glean from these other bloggers to learn how to best prep and potentially grow (after the babies grow…after our house grows…so probably in about 15 years), and will pull in one of my local gardening experts for a Q & A.

If you want to join us, please do! Link to this initial post, and I'll add you to my list.

Otherwise, enjoy this summer as we walk through learning how to make the truly nutritious, truly delicious.

Bon appetite!

Check out these blogs who are joining me in the #EatYourVeggies campaign with #Bayer4CropsUS:

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  1. Truly happy to hear that your grandma is a 100 years old and still healthy! you've shared her secret to a fit life and i will try and follow the same "portion control". lets hope it works!