Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sprinkles and Sparkles and Other Important Things

When you're celebrating your fifth birthday, such things as sprinkles and sparkles are of the utmost importance. Today, our Amelia Jane turned five, and there was quite an abundance of these necessary things for our five year old.

We are blessed by Amelia, not just because she is our sweet little sparkly girl, but because despite a rainy day for her birthday, an excruciatingly early meeting for me this morning (enter Mommy Guilt), and a party for my grandma's 100th instead of one for just her, she took it all in, appreciating it all. 

She is low maintenance.

She was sad to not open her presents immediately this morning, but as I tucked her in one last time as a four year old, I explained (in a pretty dramatic voice) how exciting it would be when I got back after lunch to open all her glorious presents, and how the special day could be stretched out. She bought it…I mean, she got it, and sure enough, when I got home, we promptly opened up all the presents, from a set of sparkly lotion and lip gloss to a password journal. All things this five year old desperately needed.

See? Low maintenance.

I need to learn from my sweet girl. I have been grumbly lately. Life has thrown us curve balls. I don't feel well. I'm short tempered. Shuttling kids back and forth to ball games and camps and the pool has worn my patience thin. However, my sweet girl, just five years old, is with me always, greeting me with a kiss and a smile. Her laugh contagious, the way she says her "r's" incorrectly makes me laugh, despite myself.

I'm so lucky to have Amelia in my life. We are so blessed to have this little bundle of sunshine around us. All of our friends comment on how sunny Amelia is, how our Silly Millie is like a jumping bean when she greets the babysitter, running towards her cousins as if she hasn't seen them in months, waving like mad and hugging a dance friend at Subway (her birthday meal choice…guess she likes to eat fresh, too).

Rarely is our girl anything but sprinkles and sparkles, and I think God placed her in our life to remember not to take ourselves too seriously. Although her silliness gets on her sisters' nerves and may cause some issues at school, wouldn't we all benefit from being so low maintenance, so happy just to be alive?

I'm blessed to be her mom…I reiterate. She is a joy to be around, and my hope is that her sprinkle and sparkle will continue as she grows up.

Happy 5th birthday, sweet Amelia Jane. We love you so much.
Her first day home
Because one party hat is not enough for this two year old!

Serious about cupcakes at age one
A big girl bike for a big 4 year old

Age three, courtesy of Kara Kamienski
Today, with her birthday doughnut

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  1. each of your children have such different & distinct personalities:) I can't wait to see what the next ones will bring to the family mix!