Saturday, January 9, 2016

Because I Prefer Blanket Scarves to Blanket Statements

Oh friends. It's January.
Sweet, sweet January in Illinois.
Muddy (currently).
Soon-to-be-cold-as-a-well-digger's-a$$ (Thank Farmer Joe for that phrase!).

And full of new beginnings. Am I right?

While January out my window has the appearance of bleakness, I believe that January is a time when we all try to get our stuff together. Or is it just me? Maybe it's just those of us who are cooped up in our houses in the bleak January weather, but I have seen so many organization challenges, ab challenges, weight loss challenges, Bible reading challenges, even what to wear challenges.

While I tend to do a little more organizing and eating better in January, I detest these blanket statements. Headlines ripped from gripping periodicals such as Better Homes and Gardens (I kid), claiming to organize your house in 30 days and keep it that way. While I consider myself pretty organized, I have seven other people in my house who rarely understand the system I employ.

Then there are the friends who are challenging me to try a new nutritional/energy/vitamin/exercise/mood enhancer/whatever. This latest thing that will give me more energy and have me moving faster and sleeping better in no time.
Again, I have seven other people in my house who don't appreciate that I get up at 4:30 in the morning to workout to increase my fitness when they come in to tell me they need to use the potty, or cry, or have a nightmare and need to sleep in between Farmer Joe and me. I don't know if a nutritional system will help me with my energy until about 2026. I'll talk to you then.

I guess my point is, I really, really, really do not believe in a one-sized fits all anything. Blanket statements are something that I try to avoid. Blanket scarves...another story. Have you tried these?

No this not me, and YES I hold my hair like this all.the.time! Ha!
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I'm digressing.

Anyway, this goes along with agriculture advocacy and my plight to be more positive in 2016. Is our food the safest in the world? Probably, but the minute you proclaim that to the entire world, something like the Chipotle Food With {whoops} Integrity philosophy comes crashing down. When I state that cattle farming is totally fine and everyone who does it is doing it with the best intention, there's something I see even on my way to drop off at preschool that makes me go, "What the HECK?"

We have to be careful. A blanket statement is as bulky and covering as a blanket scarf, and thus, covers up flaws, draws attention to something else, makes you wonder what's under.

So while I am trying to be a better version of myself in 2016, I refuse to crumble to the trends of January. Similarly, my advocacy tone is trying to be more soft and funny and less accusatory and angry. I'm trying to understand the trends, but not look back at myself in six months, six years or whatever and regret what I said or did.

Maybe I should rethink the blanket scarf.

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