Monday, January 4, 2016

When You Thought You Had Posted, But Hadn't

So my 2016 is off with a bang.

I have had so many good, witty post ideas, and as I sat down to write one out this afternoon, I looked at my previous post, and HOLY SMOKES it's been awhile, friends.

So sorry.

I'm sure you spent most of your holiday break wondering if I had died of embarrassment of that unfortunate Christmas Card event.

Or sharing with your family at parties about all the funny things people have done on their Christmas cards.


Or maybe you were just enjoying your holiday celebrations?

Probably the last one.

Anyway, we had a great break. Today is the last sweet day of vacation, and while there was a time today (when I wasn't packing lunches and wasn't finding homework and wasn't waking anyone up) that I thought I could get used to my people being home, I have had to break up three giggling crazy wrestling matches in the time I have written this oh-so-eloquent post that resembles a mom who is tired and constantly interrupted to break up wrestling matches.


I'm digressing.

The world of ag was pretty quiet during the Christmas season, which is a good thing. While the Stanford marching band tried to poke fun at farmers during the Rose Bowl, I refuse to make any offended comments, as I have seen the light, thanks to my friend Katie, from Rural Route 2: The Life and Times of an Illinois Farm Girl. She has challenged us to not spent 2016 feeling offended. She has challenged us to find positives in the agricultural realm.

I think that's a pretty good challenge.

A resolution, if you will.

Either way, her post, which you can find here, has sparked me to take a look at how I view pretty much every issue from food to Facebook to farming. I need to calm the heck down. I need to quit worrying about my life in comparison to someone's highlights, filtered pictures with cute captions. I need to quit wasting energy on ways to fight the fight, while it is usually intended to be a good fight, and just continue to tell our story as it unfolds. Boy has it unfolded... why waste energy on seeking drama when I have six kids! I need to view the progress advocates in agriculture have made, friendships it has forged and happiness it has brought us rather than freak out about some extremist's viewpoint who is usually just loud and misinformed.


There you go.

Here's to 2016, my friends. May you keep positive; write the date correctly on checks sooner than later, and remember the good times or storms that were weathered in 2015.

Let's do this.

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  1. Hey Emily, I am glad that you start your new year with bang!
    And I'm really excited for your new blogs as you mentioned that you have amazing idea about post.
    So start as soon as possible.!!