Monday, January 18, 2016

While I Do Enjoy Seasons, Freezing My Face Is NOT My Favorite

So today's high is a whopping 5 degrees. Factor in the windchill, and you've got yourself some fun times when it's MLK Day, everyone's home, exercise class is cancelled, and you sold your treadmill.

Have I ever mentioned to you that I am a better person when I MOVE?

Couple this with a good ol' fashioned weight loss challenge amongst friends and you've got yourself a recipe for some crabbiness!

No, I'm NEVER that way.

Just kidding.

I'm ALWAYS this way.

Anyway, back to the weather. While we're enjoying this clear, crisp winter season, my parents have just landed in sunny and humid Panama. Humid as in, squeegeeing off the walls for fungus, humid. While I would love to visit the modern marvel that is the Panama Canal, I can't help but think that I would have a Monica Gellar moment with my hair.

My fanciest hair product and my CHI flat iron would be no match to the Panamanian humidity.

Regardless, I am not there, my parents are, and if I can get a moment to actually talk to them about it before I completely ditch my kids to go somewhere alone once they get back, I'll have a good ol' Q&A post for you.

They are with the Corn Growers on this trip. Another couple we know traveled with Pioneer. Friends have just come home from American Farm Bureau in Orlando. San Diego is the destination of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Conference.

And my big question is, "When AM I GOING TO GET TO GO?"

Answer: in 2036, maybe.

Tis the season for farmers to head south for meetings and such. Well, those farmers who don't have calves to pull and pigs to tend to during these wretchedly cold temps.

Commodity groups, seed companies, chemical companies, they all send different folks to different places to represent, inform and entertain. A skeptical onlooker may think that these corporate dollars spent on farmers and trips may seem a little shady, but to these folks I say, what are the perks that come with self employment as a farmer?

Answer: Hardly any.

While a city job may come with a few weeks of paid vacation,  a company car, insurance, self employed farmers have it a little less cushy. I'm not insinuating that folks with desks jobs have it sweet. I realize you work hard for your money and perks, but when we were farming full time, our perks included a seed corn cap, an occasional sweatshirt, a cooler, and maybe, maybe a dinner of appreciation (only to be followed by a plot tour).

So to those of you who represent your Farm Bureau or are headed on a commodity group tour abroad, to you I say, bon voyage!
Utilize your perks. See how other folks farm, govern, live. Enjoy your time away from the bone chilling grind that is farming.

I'll just be here.

Freezing my face off. Dreaming of humidity.


  1. I've always said that going to conferences/conventions and fairs are vacations for farmers. I am happy to admit we were one of those farmers that got to go to Orlando for AFBF. We received the trip as part of an award prize. So even more well deserved, right! ;)

  2. They are well deserved trips. Appreciate our farmers!!

  3. I agree, it's so hard to get away for trips when you're a full time farmer! We have the Alabama Young Farmer's Conference coming up at the end of February and my husband is already trying to line up his father and my father (who are both farmers) to be sure they'll be able to cover for us. It's a 366 day a year job ;)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista