Wednesday, October 31, 2012

30 Days...

of accountability.

of documenting.

of potentially complaining.

and rejoicing.

and writing.

and writing.

and writing!


Did I seriously link up with Mrs. Holly Spangler to do this? Amidst the finishing of harvest? Amidst some big changes that are presenting themselves (no, I'm not expecting, moving, or checking myself into the looney bin).

Yes, I did, and yes I will blog about an agricultural topic each and every day for the month of November.

Because Holly is my friend, mainly, but also because this blog has changed and morphed with our relationship with our farm life and the busy-ness of our business as well as the season of life. Read: Jack is currently not on my lap, but I did get my hair cut yesterday (chopped, mind you), and he was on it for the majority.

Good times.

Not times that lead themselves to much heavy-hitting agricultural advocacy.

So today is a day that I will start. And my topic is...

drumrolll please...

Life on our Farm.

I know, big shock...but I feel like I can touch on a lot of different sub-topics, and, let's be realistic...we've got a lot going on, and a good thing going, so why not beat a dead horse??

Anyway, it's Halloween, and there's a combine and a grain cart still going in our bean field. While I know that we are close, there's no cigar yet. 2012 is the year that will not end. Between weather delays and other factors, we're still going. We're always still going around this time, but the potential of a quick harvest was enticing in August, sounded super in September, and became just a myth in October. Our yields have been surprisingly good in some fields and not-so-surprisingly not-so-good in others. My hope that this post will be the only one of the 30 with me contemplating the end...I hope to know by tomorrow or the next day when our end date will be set.

That's my hope.

So today, while we're trick or treating, Joe will be working. He's hoping to meet us in town, but you never know. So if you see a softball player, Monster High Girl, Abbie Cadabbie, and a LumberJack out...give us a wave, and maybe offer to take a kid with you...I'll need all the help I can get!

Happy Halloween!

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