Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Day of Rest?

It's Sunday, so that means that we've been to church, and now we're onto the relaxing Sunday afternoon where families watch football, play in the yard and take a nap, right?

Well, kind of.

Obviously, it's in the thick of harvest, and our family, although a God-loving, church going and faith centered one, we do work on Sunday. Usually, we start later, and some times we take it off, but if stuff is ready to be harvested (or planted, depending upon the season), the guys are working.

Early in our life on the farm, this didn't bother me as much. Maybe it's because I had two fewer kids, and not as many church duties, or maybe because we were just starting out, and this is what I thought we had to do, but lately, working on Sunday has been a tough moral dilemma for me.

It's another day, and that isn't right, right? Or am I just behind the times on this one?

Shouldn't we get a day of rest?

Shouldn't we enjoy the company of our families around a nice, leisurely meal (hopefully prepared by the good folks at Pizza Hut...which, I guess, they're working on Sunday, so maybe not) and a board game? Shouldn't this be a day where the equipment gets a rest, and our minds and bodies can recoup?

Isn't that in the BIBLE??

Well, yes, but because of the nature of our livestock, Joe can't take a day off from chores, so there's at least a couple of hours there.

So, here's my question to you: what's your thoughts on working on Sunday? Is it a sacred, no work, only rest day? I know some things have to march on, but do you have any day that you consider a "day off?"

I'm just curious, I guess, as I know we have friends and family on both sides of this dilemma.

Enlighten me, dear readers. What are your thoughts?


  1. Farming (dairy or crop) to me is a way of life. IT's not work or a job it is a life style. Which you have to be willing to give or take time. Now with that said I still believe you do need a day of rest..... as long as it's not harvest or field work time. My husband and I are fortunate to have his brother milking here too and we make sure we switch weekends, 3 milkings (this weekend is his off). There is one thing certain here, if we have our time off but hay needs to be chopped, poop needs to be hauled, or corn is ready to be combined then you'll bet we will be out in the fields.

  2. Great post. I have the same dilemma, and feel the same about it as you. I'm thankful that they usually take Sunday morning off of harvesting so that we can go to church together... but that's not always the case - it depends on the year (weather, timing, etc). My wise father-in-law says, "what you do on Sunday, you pay for on Monday".
    I have a strong opinion, in general, about Sunday being a family day - and I try to protect that as much as possible. I dream of Sundays from years past when extended families gathered after church for a Sunday dinner. In reality, I cherish Sunday meals shared with immediate family and occasionally with extended family.

  3. My pastor actually preached on this subject. He said that if you are worshipping God everyday, working on Sunday should be not an issue. :)

  4. Another day if work. Sigh. Farmers' markets are over tge weekends so those are the only times we make money. I go to church toting my toddler, run to the market to relieve my husband for a moment to eat and pee and then I head back to the homestead to finish chores, make a nice family dinner, and prepare for my other full-time job, teaching. There is no rest, but there is tradition. I can't wait for harvest to be over so we can all attend church together. Almost. There.