Friday, October 5, 2012

Every Day I'm Shuttling...

Well, in my very amateur, just-looking-out-the-window, and based upon the consumption of sack lunches and Nutty Bars opinion, harvest seems to be about half over for us.

Very scientific, don't you think?

Anyway, life during harvest is a lot of juggling, running around, alone time with the kids, meals on the go, and wanting to make plans only those plans are generally weather dependent.

My kids are resilient to this up and down. They are used to having to jump in the car and take Daddy here, pick up Grandpa there, run a meal here when we're on the way there. We spend a lot of time in our car.

I didn't realize how my kids have become so accustomed to this shuttling around until yesterday, when we had a little friend of Amelia's with us. She is a very observant, inquisitive child, and on the third trip to take Joe to the field (yes, Katie...sorry, three times...ugh), she asked, "Why is Amelia's daddy leaving again?"

The poor kid, strapped in a car seat, had been with us the first time as we picked up Joe in one field, to drop him off at our house to get another piece of equipment, only to be picked up at another field to need to be brought back to that field another time.

Every day I'm shuttling...

To Amelia and Jack, however, this shuttling is just white noise. They take this time to spend precious few moments with their dad, notice tractors in the field, and listen to Radio Disney (and now they have to know who's singing what song...thank you, XM Radio.). Amelia's little buddy is a town kid with a dad who was a farm kid, but now has a town job. Her rides have a purpose, and it's not just to shuttle someone back and forth, they're to go someplace, get out, and get some business done. My kids are used to mindless, quick car rides, and I have become used to their ease of getting in and out and not wondering why Joe was going to different fields. They understand.

That's amazing, really, when you think about the age of my kids.

Anyway, while all moms and dads are shuttle services for many different reasons, most of them involve getting to a point and getting out. My kids, however, know that some times you just have to get in the car to basically buckle up, ride for 10 minutes and get out again.

Thank goodness none of my kids get car sick.


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  1. Of course she would have something to say, that's my girl! She would have a really hard time around your house these days, as she longs for the days when David doesn't have to go to work. She must hate the middle of the day tease!