Friday, October 5, 2012

Bringing Swishy Back

Yes, it’s my second blog of the day, and yes, it’s my second play on a song title title.

So sue me...and maybe you will, if you're Justin Timberlake.


Anyway, the weather has definitely changed, and while other agricultural writers are generating blogs on hard hitting topics like the affects of a frost on the crop still needing to be harvested or the implications of the rain or lack thereof still…

…I am writing about swishy pants.

Yes, swishy pants.

And this is why I am not a paid, hard hitting agricultural journalist.

Anyway, do you notice that when the weather changes to cooler temperatures, one seems to break out more stretchy, comfy lounge wear? In my case, it’s a pair of really old track sweatpants that have been through three track seasons, four pregnancies, and countless laundering.

In Farmer Joe’s case…it’s his swishy pants.

I tease him every time he breaks them out that he can’t ever sneak up on me because they are not only the least flattering piece of clothing he wears, but also the LOUDEST.

He claims he’s just bringing swishy back.

Now, maybe it’s because I was on multiple sports teams in high school, in the 90s, and there was a huge amount of swishy issued to us in various shades of unattractive yellow and in various degrees of tapered legs. Or, maybe it’s because I HATE being able to hear myself move in my clothes…clothes should be seen, not heard, am I right?...but I loathe the swishy pants, and this message has not hit the agricultural front. Joe has received various windbreaker jackets from seed corn or chemical companies, and continues to wear them.

Swish, swish…

We noticed last week at the high school football game that even the refs had busted out the swishy pants instead of the white knickers.


Nothing says I give up more than swishy pants, in my book.

I’m sure my sweats are just as unattractive to Joe as his swishy pants are to me, but at least you can’t hear me from rooms away as I am headed toward you.

At least my bad fashion choice is silently unfashionable.


  1. Ok, so I broke out the comfy pants today, too. But they're yoga pants! And I swear you can't hear them!

  2. LOVED this post! My husband has a pair of swishy pants from the 90s too. I can relate to this. We both laugh at our old high school pieces that we just can't quite let go, and we've been out of high school for almost 20 years! Glad we aren't the only ones dealing with this. Thanks for helping me start my day off with a smile! :)