Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 30: Rule Follower

So it's the last day of Holly's 30 Day Challenge, and because I've always been a bed maker, in-the-line colorer, rule follower, I am sorry that I missed two days of the challenge.

One being yesterday, and it wasn't because I was at home with the kids with the power off...

that would be Joe, who I think is happy to be doing chores by himself this morning, as I was off gallivanting with some girlfriends in honor of one of them moving. We were off celebrating with shrimp scampi and Banana Republic, and Joe was dealing with children who are used to lights, TV, and running water.

Spoiled little children.

Anyway, all is well at our house, electrically, so back to my original thought.


I embarked on this challenge at a time when I was frustrated with our farming lifestyle. I was upset with myself for agreeing to this challenge because, even though blogging is something I like to do, committing to doing it every day, and making sure it was still entertaining and grammatically correct was going to be something that could become a stress. I'm a rule follower, however, and I agreed to do it, and I was going to do it, darn it! Even if that meant blogging in the midst of  interviewing for a new job, in the throws of the final days of  harvest, not to mention my already lovely, wonderful, but young was hectic. Even though I had to miss two days (and that drives me nuts), this challenge made me stop, sit down, and document all the great, funny, weird, and frustrating events that happen on our farm.

Let me recap a little bit November for you...

We finished harvest.
We gained a dog.
We sent a tractor to be restored.
We were on the cover of a magazine.
We didn't win a contest.
We have a friend who may win aforementioned contest, and that is awesome.
I went back to work (part time).
Josie had a birthday.
The weather changed to cold, and my hair froze.
The weather changed back to warm, and we're all confused at what day it is.
We had Thanksgiving, and realized we have a lot to be thankful for.
We will be welcoming lots of baby calves in the spring.
I had lots of opinions on bacon and turkey and PETA.

And that's just a few. 

Although the rule follower in me knows that I missed a few days, the rule follower in me knows that Holly's challenge allowed me to do more than just blah-blah blog for 30 days. Her challenge was more than just 30 days of writing. It was 30 days of noticing, noting, and sitting down and documenting all the events that were happening in our lives, big and small.

So, here's the end. It's appropriate, in my OCD, rule following personality that this challenge finishes up on a Friday. It ties it up in a neat little bow.

I'm thankful I accepted this challenge, and thankful that I'm done.

Holly's 30 Days on a Prairie Farm blogging challenge can be found right here.


  1. I can so relate! I'm one post behind so my #30 will be tomorrow. Not doing it is not an option in my OCD mind. I'm also looking forward to getting two hours of every day back. As you said, this was a great exercise, but the time it takes...Wow!

  2. Good for you!! I tried to just do it the week of thanksgiving and I couldn't seem to blog every day.