Wednesday, February 5, 2014

There's Just Not Enough Anything Today

First, the Cocoa Puffs ran out (yes, I let my kids have those…is that bad?).

Then the "c" clips for the Rainbow Loom ran out, and we just have to deal with the "s" clips, and that's a tragedy.

Throw in the potty training child, add in the fights with the Wii, unmade beds, a cancelled hair appointment for myself, and my patience has RUN OUT.

The novelty of the snow has even run out. In fact, the novelty of the snow DAY has run out…my girls are used to four day weeks as of late, so this is just par for their course.

But this is not a grouchy mom blog. My audience is not interested with the loss of my patience or the fact that I feel like I need to bake AND eat goodies when we're snowed in.

This is a blog about life on the farm.

However, right now, life on the farm is hard. And cold. And snowy.

The morning chores are still going, and it's nearly 1:00 in the afternoon. You don't need to be too close to agriculture to realize that morning chores should usually finish in the morning.

But we will power through. DIY Valentines have been crafted. Fights over the scissors are now over. Children are playing nicely, after doors were slammed. The feed wagon has just been driven in, so lunch can be cleaned up.

And the snow will melt.

It will be above freezing some day, and the grass will green up, flowers will bloom, and we'll enjoy time outside without worrying about whether or not I can get Jack's snow suit off in time to make it to the potty.

I'm thinking spring, but there are too many warm, sunny memories for me to share in one post, and I don't have enough emotional stamina to share them all without making myself truly depressed.

Happy snow day.

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