Thursday, February 27, 2014

Back to Reality


When we left yesterday, south Texas was feeling "arctic air " (read: 40 degrees…after two days in the 80s), but when we got off the plane in Illinois, we Illinoisans felt the true "arctic air."

6 degrees.

Welcome back to Illinois.

As we taxied, Joe checked his phone to find a message from the landlord about a new calf born in these sub-zero temps who needed a bottle of colostrum the minute we got back to the farm.

Welcome back to reality.

So, Joe dumped me off at home to unpack and ready for the kids to come back, headed to the calving barn, took care of that little scamp, and then headed back home to greet the kids, eat dinner, and go back out.

This morning, as we were watching for the bus from the east windows, our farm truck pulled in, right next to my landscaping (and now since the snow has somewhat melted off and subsequently frozen, a deer leg bone is next to the landscaping as well…can I go back to when I was fancy, just yesterday?), and a calf was being hauled into the basement, warm milk mixed up in a bottle, and it's currently bellowing and trying to get out of the penned area.


There goes my dreams of ever finishing that part of the basement.

(Oh, who am I kidding…that basement will NEVER be finished. I just hope there's a tight lid on my Christmas decorations.)

My point is, we had a lovely time away, but, like all of you regulars who travel, reality is as cold and harsh as the wind this morning. Farm life, especially, is hard to return to, but you just have to do it, or things, living beings, will suffer.

I'm hopeful that Joe returns soon, as my current reality of a bellowing calf and a curious two year old is enough to make me want to hop a plane tonight!

More on San Antonio when I'm not so distracted…you try writing with piles of laundry, calves and my boy Jack around!


  1. Emily-I listened to your radio interview with Gale Cunningham on my way to work yesterday and I was so impressed! Congrats on the opportunity to speak in San Antonio! Good luck with the calf in the basement... :) I'm ready for Spring!

  2. Oh, it is sooooooooo hard to go from somewhere warm and nice to somewhere cold. I live back East, but visited my sister in CA in early winter, and it was awesome to not have to wear a sweater or jacket. Coming back home was not easy weather-wise. I am with you!

    Just found your blog, and will be back to read more. :)


  3. Good morning. i am cecilia and read about you and your family and wonderful in a little magazine this morning. Thought I would pop in and see what you are up to. You have a calf in the basement and I have a lamb in the lounge. No calves due for two weeks so I am crossing my fingers that the weather warms up just a tiny bit. I think you know what I mean.. glad to have met you, I hope to pop in again soon.. c