Monday, February 17, 2014

When You've Reached the End

Oh I'm a treat to be around.

I'd love to say that I'm out taking pictures of the beautiful, bountiful drifts of snow.

But I'm not.

I'd love to report that this next round of weather on a day off of school when we were scheduled to do just a few odds and ends didn't get completely thwarted because of sleet, ice, and inches of more snow.

But I can't.

I'd love to tell you that even my four year old isn't crying right now because I said the dirty words, "it's cancelled" again.

Friends, we're at the end of everything: we're done with winter, bundling up, trudging through snow and ice, failed weather predictions, cancellations, and we're also nearly out of CHOCOLATE MILK! Oh the terror!

I really hardly have anything else to report because I can't get any details out of Joe other than, "it's cold" and "snow stinks."

However, calving has started…lucky us! Our (and by our, I mean Joe's) best laid plans of calving later in the winter seemed like a genius plan. Heck, last winter, we had a total of 4 inches of snow. TOTAL. FOR. THE. WINTER. We had that, and more, on Friday.

Yeah (in a very weak voice).

We did drive through the barn lot last night, and saw our cute Betty, who would now be considered a toddler calf, frolicking in the late afternoon sun, enjoying the upper 20s that seem like 70s around here. Oh, you'd like a picture of that? Well, my phone was dead thanks to having the kids listen to the Frozen soundtrack, which, as of this moment, I have decided to ban our family from listening to, and I implore all of you folks out there who enjoy Idina Menzel as much as the next guy to completely stop until the snow is gone (Spanglers, I'm looking at you.).

BREAKING NEWS!! Anna just came in from morning chores (they have no school…not weather related, thank you Presidents), and reported they pulled a calf, named it Little Joe, and that it, and I quote, "hurts" out there. Ice pellets and cold. Sounds like fun, huh?


I promise, this will not become a whiny weather blog. I promise.

If it would just quit being crummy weather, I would stop.

The End.


  1. I'm so with you on the snow! That snow storm is coming our way. :(

    And I'm cringing because I JUST bought the Frozen CD for my daughters...

  2. We homeschool so the kids are here all day anyway. They have found a new love of snow with the new sled I bought them. I was wishing the snow away (we are lambing right now) and then I remembered what comes after snow... MUD! Never mind, I'll take the snow! Haha.

  3. Now I love the snow myself, but I do tend to ready to plant as soon as I shut down the combine! Looking forward to meeting you in San Antonio next week where it looks like this weeks 80 degree temps are not going to stick around for our visit. Oh well!

  4. We are in the middle of the Great MeltDown in NW Indiana....50+ inches melting rapidly as the temps keep climbing! Had to go help hubby move a grain auger, walking through rain and snow and puddles and mud, AND IT HAILED this morning along with the thunder and lightening. I believe there are tornado watches in our future later this afternoon. Snow has become a nightmare for scheduling, but I would rather move it than all this crap left in its wake! Hang in there! I hear it's all supposed to freeze up again by next week!