Sunday, February 23, 2014

Whoo Hoo…or Should I Say, Yee Haw???

Joe and I are readying ourselves for our trip to San Antonio, Texas tomorrow morning!


Maybe that's being too stereotypical.

Sorry, Texas.

I'm just excited.

Right now, it's eerily quiet around here. The kids have been delivered to Grandma and Grandpa's, early enough to get them settled and fed and bathed, and time for me to do last minute things.

You know, like a small dance that we're actually leaving. The state. Alone.

This is not just a fun trip, although, having never been to San Antonio, I'm excited for the adventure, as everyone who has ever been there loves it. I'm going to be a panelist for the Ag Issues Forum, sponsored by Bayer Crop Science. I'm so honored, honestly, and very humbled, and thankful, and a little nervous. I'll be sitting with Brian Scott from Indiana (who writes this amazing ag blog, The Farmer's Life…check it out, he uses a drone.) and Annie Shultz from Kanas (who writes Mama Dweeb). They are both interesting people, from what I have read. Huge twitterers…so I'll have to learn their secrets. Brian is a true farmer blogger. He's written for Eatocracy on and has amazing biotechnology posts that have schooled me to no end. Annie is the non-ag blogger, writing a healthy living blog while she and her husband and three kids live out in the country in Kansas. 

Then, there's me.

So it will be interesting.

I have a few must-dos, but a lot of fun things. So, be forewarned: your news from Confessions of a Farm Wife will be a lot. If you want, you could even follow me on twitter: @emily_webel, or Instagram: @emilywebel. I'll have lots of fun things…Lonestar is giving a private concert for our group. Hello??!! Welcome to my life in the 90s when I was new to country music!! All I need is a flannel shirt and leggings, and we've got a 1996 Barndance picture!!

Either way, I would covet your good thoughts for safe travel, good thoughts and prayers for my little people as they are not used to us being gone. Good vibes and energy for my parents…because my kids are exhausting. And, especially, very, very positive thoughts for the farm. We are in the midst of calving (and by we, I mean, of course, Joe), and there's just one more heifer left to calve. Then the rest are ol' mamas, and they can figure it out…we hope! Prayers that life on the farm moves on as we move south.

To where it's going to be 80 degrees on TUESDAY!! 

Yee haw!

Sorry, again, Texas…I'm just excited!

Bon voyage!


  1. I can't wait to meet ya in a few short day!! This is going to be such a fun and educational trip :)

  2. Good luck Emily. You're a great voice for ag.

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Emily. Nice meeting with you guys today, and excited for the panel tomorrow.