Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Corn Is As High As Amelia Jane's Eye

It's the fifth week of the growing corn journal, and it happens to have landed on the big weekend of our Amelia Jane's third birthday. It's always fun/hectic/chaotic/happy/hairy to get ready for a birthday of an "aware" child. And in aware, I mean, I can't have her with me as I toss the Dora Enchanted Fairy doll into the cart at Target without her noticing.

She has been very excited, and we have been very busy preparing for this big day. While the party and the presents and the cake made it super fun, I find myself always taking a minute to remember her first moments in our life. It's funny how I can remember all the details down to the color of toenail polish I had on that day, but I can't seem to remember bread at the grocery store or to call the doctor to make her a 3 year checkup appointment. I reminisced of her birth in a post, and you can read it here, if you've forgotten, but the big difference, as documented by this picture is the crazy growing season we had back in 2009.

It was the wet year.

The really, really wet year.

And while Joe was busy trying to get soybeans planted, I was busy thinking I was going to have a baby. Our corn was barely visible at that point, and now it's as tall as our sweet girl.

While we could use another shower, everything seems to be looking okay, as of today. That all could change in a heartbeat, of course, thanks to no rain, too much rain, etc., etc., but for today, I'm going to remember how happy and healthy our crop looks, just like my sweet Amelia.

I am so lucky. We are so lucky. We are so blessed to have a child who is so full of life and sunshine and humor and joy and laughter and sass.

While we deal in commodities around here on the farm, Amelia has blessed our family in her own commodity, with her sunshiny personality. It may mean that some times we have to spend extra time at the grocery store check out while she compliments the checker's earrings, or may mean that she greets you way too early in the morning with a knock, knock joke, but we are so lucky. She is the epitome of perpetual joy in every sense of the word.

We love you, sweet Amelia Jane. Here's to many more years of your sunshine and many more pictures of you in the corn.

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