Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Water Conservation

It's dry here.

Like, really dry.

As in, today's breakfast conversation was not only a friendly reminder from Farmer Joe about energy conservation, but also water conservation.

As in, it's dry and we're on a well, and if there's not a lot of water coming out of the sky, there's not necessarily a lot of water in the ground, and that affects our supply.

As in, affects our supply for drinking, bathing, and laundry.

Oh dear heavens...NOT THE LAUNDRY!! Not only do I need to start back in my routine of switching my laundry loads in the wee small hours of the night (thanks to a lovely energy conservation plan we have enlisted in called Power Smart Pricing, which is a really neat thing, if you like to do laundry at 3AM...and I have learned to love it in the sake of saving money!), but I have to be cognizant of how much laundry I do.

Oh boy.

As a mother of four and a farmer husband, laundry has turned into not just a chore, but a mission. My mission is to keep the baskets from swallowing up aforementioned children and the "correct" carpenter jeans clean for daily wearings (did you know that farmers are particular about their jeans...just as I am about mine...maybe a little more...that's another post.). The laundry mission is not covert, by any means, as I am in constant laundry mode, and thanks to our house and it's layout, my baskets of air-drying delicates are sometimes on the kitchen table. Baskets of clean, folded laundry are sometimes also doubled up as toy toting baskets, poised at the bottom of the steps, ready to go upstairs to be put away. Baskets are the bane of my existence, however, because my kids love to play with them, which means taking out said laundry and ditching the pieces on the floor, unaware of the care I just put into organizing, folding, and sorting out the laundry to be put away.

So, not only do I have to play defense on my laundry, I have to now be sure my loads are full, my timing is correct, all for the sake of conserving our water supply.

Minor detail, right?

I'm all for planning, but yikes...that's a lot.

For the sake of our family, I will continue my laundry mission, but if you drive by at 3AM and see the light on in our laundry area, don't be alarmed, it's just me...trying to keep up with the exorbitant amount of socks we wear!

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  1. I am the oldest of four.. laundry was a big deal at my house growing up. I feel your pain! Good luck and I'll pray for rain!