Monday, June 18, 2012

Week Six

Well folks, our corn growth journal picture is late this week for two reasons:

Reason #1:  The corn didn't look so hot (well, it looked hot, but too hot...pineappley, spikey leaves in dry, dry soil), so we kept waiting for it to look better and more healthy.

So...we waited for a rain, and we GOT ONE!!! A lovely, steady, nice, kind of windy but otherwise perfect 1.3ish inches.


The corn now stands at just over five feet, and yesterday and today you can just sense it growing, soaking up the sun and moisture and humidity in all
its glory and growing! So exciting.

Reason #2 : we didn't have all of our kids all week. Two of the four went to "Camp Grammy" (as we like to call it) at my in-laws, and even though I was down to only two children, I still was running around and getting nothing done.


However, in honor of Father's Day, I sent Joe out to take the picture in the heat with a camera that didn't have any batteries, and then the iPad, which he took video instead of still photography...that is something that should be deleted. Lots of hollerin' and silliness!

So, the picture of the kids is true...we are kind of a mess, but wouldn't you rather see us in our true form of moodiness, naughtiness, silliness, craziness and all other descriptors?

I thought so.

Happy growing!!

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