Friday, June 29, 2012

Week Seven...and Eight


So last week I forgot to take a picture.

Sorry. I know we were out and about in the yard, but I just never got it done, and generally realized it when I was falling asleep at night.

So, here's what we'll call Week 7.5!

Lots of exciting stuff...even though there still hasn't been a good rain on us for a while, the corn is starting to tassel and get it's silks!!

Our cutie pie California cousin came this week, too, so he's added in the fun of trying to capture kids, in the 100+ degree heat to make some measurements this week...this was our best of about 18 pictures. Children's photographers, I commend you.

And then there's just the crazy Webel clan. Not in the mood, but in a tutu, no less!

While we could use a good rain, our crops aren't as bad as they could be, and we're not fighting wildfires. We're continuing to do a rain dance, but know that, as with everything, we could be in a more dire situation. Pray for rain for us...and those needing it worse than us!

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