Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day Five: 5

I had planned my "5" entry to be 5 pieces of equipment caught in the act of harvesting.

Can you see it?

A huge, green combine (that's 1, for those of you hard of counting), a track-tractor (green of course, and number 2) hooked onto a green (duh) grain cart (that's three). Two semis (teal and red...yes, those ARE the colors of the 80s, but also our fleet of semis) round out the count at 5.

However, it's a misty, gross day, so nothing is getting accomplished even though we only have 17 acres left in one field to finish up.

SHOOT!! I wish today was the 17th!!

Anyway, it's not. It's day 5, and bless Holly's heart for challenging me to blog every day. My hairstylist asked me if I ever want to just blog about something other than agriculture...she suggested shoes, and I concur.

But this is an agriculture themed blog, so while I do love shoes, and will refer to them, I'm going to defer to Holly today.

Because her theme of this whole series is the NUMBER 5!!!

So, why wouldn't I just send you all over to enjoy her post from yesterday, Five Things an Honest Farmwife Admits. While I obviously didn't write it, it speaks so much truth that I deal with on a very, very regular basis, except #1, because...what's a grain leg???

Enjoy this guest post, friends...and I'll catch you tomorrow on 6!

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