Monday, November 4, 2013

Day Four: 4

So it's late into Day Four, I know, but I'm still at it.
I will not quit, wuss out, and enjoy my freshly baked chocolate oatmeal cookies until I get. this. blog. done.

My 4 is easy...well, not really easy, the topic itself was an easy choice, but the actual 4 is an exercise in every cliche parenting buzz word one could possibly think of.

My 4 is my, that is.

I will spare you a long, sappy, life is one big warm chocolate chip oatmeal cookie (that I will be eating soon, so that's why this one is short), parenting is a breeze, or parenting is hard blog.

My 4 kids are unreal.

Honestly. When Joe and I embarked upon this "let's have a family journey," I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would have a kid like Anna.

Or Josie.

Or Amelia.

Or Jack.

While I may have ingested more Diet Coke with each subsequent pregnancy, all these children have been raised in the same house, with the same parents, eating the same food, yet they are all vastly different.

While Amelia tries desperately to be Josie, she's not. Anna tries hard to be the perfect child, but she can't be, especially and when you have three younger siblings, and when there's a missing iPod, there's bound to be some yelling. Jack is Jack Webel, complete with a superhero pose, even though we really don't talk a lot of superhero talk...until now. Josie desperately wants to be a big girl, but still tells me every night that she's a little bit scared and wants me to stay in her room with her for company, allthe while, Anna is snoozing away in the bed next to her.

All 4 are different, yet something these 4 will share will always be the same: this farm life.

Our rural route address will define these 4, no matter where they go in life. I see it in my friends in the agricultural world who have left the farm and live in cities like Phoenix and Dallas and Chicago. All those farm kids still have a little piece of them that my 4 will have. An understanding of a life one can only "get" if you live it out here. A club of country kids.

I can't tell you what that is, because I'm not one of them. My 4 will share that with their dad, with each other and with all those farm kids out there, whether they're in a city or on a dusty road.

My 4 are blessed to be farm kids, and I'm so blessed to be their mom out here.

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  1. I'm new to your blog in the last six months or so. I read it on a regular basis and quite enjoy it. My husband and I farm in western Canada. I loved this post!