Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day Nine: 9

I just traveled 9 miles to deliver a brownie.

These were, however, the best 9 miles of the day, as I was able to not only produce a combine/carts/ and semis sighting, but also the two littlest ones fell asleep on the way home! Score! Jack is still asleep, so these 9 miles may have been the most precious I have driven all weekend.


Wouldn't you travel 9 miles round trip to deliver a brownie, if you needed peace?

You would on days like today! I needed a moment to be amongst people over four feet tall, so I put 9 miles on your precious minivan to deliver a not-so-great, but thoughtful brownie. We met Joe at the elevator, after failing to meet him in the actual field. He was in line, waiting to dump his load, but it was well worth the trip (all 9 miles of it) just for the kids to see Daddy.

The kids are craving their dad's presence, and it's usually about this time in November that I notice it. Harvest isn't just hard on me, but it wears on the kids, too. There's a football game we had to miss today because Dad was working. We'll be flying solo at church again, because weather is coming, and we're getting close to finishing up, but far enough to be getting a touch nervous about impending weather. Life is sticky and tricky right now, and 9 miles seems like no big deal when you may/may not see your dad before you go to bed at night.

And, realistically, I'm not ashamed to admit that I needed those 9 miles today, too.

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