Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day Twenty-One: 21

Thanks for all of your kind words in the past few days. It's been a hard time for us, and our family appreciates all the gestures and thoughts and prayers, and, lord help us, the food. I think I may have to run for a week straight, non-stop after this week.

Joe's family is primarily all in one area. We joke about how we're the only one who doesn't live close to the "compound." However, in times like these, having a compound means having a support group right there. Babysitters for the times when the kids need to just be kids. Receiving a big hug from the funeral director's wife, as she was a dance mom of my sister-in-law's studio. Having a place to land when you just need to be away, lie down, and process.

I'm hopeful to keep up on this blog challenge, but not certain.

However, I'm happy to report that amidst our traveling and sadness and family time and processing, our harvest was completed yesterday. Joe's last patch of corn was taken to town, thanks to my dad, uncle, Boyd and his wife (when he had to call in for back up due to impending rain and lines at the elevator). What a relief.

There's no theme for today, other than I have 21 other things I should be doing other than writing, but it just feels better to get it out there. Everyone has his or her own way of processing, and mine seems to be by sharing. Thanks for your continued support of my blog endeavor, and for giving me grace as we deal with our grief.

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  1. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Emily, Thank you for sharing. Somehow, through your words and thoughts, Karma's spirit is shining through. She was a huge spiritual influence on so many, me included. Keeping all of you Webels in my prayers.