Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day Sixteen:16

Well friends, we're into Day 16. I feel like I am on the downward slide, and yet there's a lot to go.

Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers last night. Life is a bit complicated right now, and your prayers are still welcome.

This has nothing to do with the number 16, so please pardon the interruption from my theme.

We are a family dealing with the reality of the awful disease: cancer.

A year ago, Joe's mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Devastating news for the family, but Karma, my mother-in-law, is a fighter. Right after Christmas, she started chemo. Months of chemo, hair loss, sickness, and some backslides never seemed to dampen her positive outlook or her fighting spirit. In April, we were even able to celebrate with her and my father-in-law their 40 years of marriage. It was an amazing day.

This summer, Karma took a break from chemo and took a vacation, made it to grandkids' ball games, enjoyed our family. Such a blessed summer.

However, cancer doesn't take a vacation.

Karma is sick.

Sicker than before.

In the hospital, there's a lot of beeps and buzzers and nurses and doctors. The kids want to hug their Grammy, but can't even come up to the room. The nurses are so nice, but our smiles back are forced.

We are dealing with some scary scenarios, facing reality, coming to grips with decisions that need to be made. Even though we don't want it to be, life is going to be different. Whatever that different is, though, we will try to keep the positive attitude Karma has always modeled.

As I sit in the back of the hospital room, I can't help but want to will this to be different. The control freak in me wants to make this better, and for heaven's sake, quit crying. However, sometimes we have to endure the ugly to see the good.

Thanks for being my readers, even if I can't spell fifteen, even if this post may be disjointed thanks to typing on an iPad, and even after this very hard day.

We covet your prayers, appreciate your thoughts and hope that I can get back on track with something witty for tomorrow.

Thank you all.


  1. Prayers headed your way from Kansas! My day 14 post was about my father in laws cancer diagnosis. Hugs to you and your kids!!!

  2. Prayers headed your way! I just lost a friend to cancer and wow was that hard!! Cancer sucks! Thinking of you're family.

  3. Praying for you all!
    Wishing I could do more.