Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 12: And Now It's Winter

So today it's less than 40 degrees.

Meaning, the high was less than 40 degrees.

On Saturday, I ran in short sleeves. Today, in a stocking cap and gloves and at least two layers, and it still wasn't enough.

Thus is the Midwest, right?

The change in weather reminds me that not only do I need to remember my kids' gloves and hats for school, and my warmer running jacket, but it will create a whole other ball of wax (and, consequently clothing) when it comes to winter choring.

Joe doesn't look forward to winter like I do. I like sweaters. I like boots. I like hot chocolate.

He sees it as a time when he wears three layers to only still be cold when he's checking cows and putting out hay. Granted, his chore tractor has a cab, but the work is still primarily out-of-doors.

So, the pile on my front porch, which during the summer generally consisted of a used travel coffee cup and a ball cap, will now consist of insulated bibs, gloves, a hat or two, a jacket and maybe a few sweatshirts.

Have I mentioned I generally sigh when I read home improvement blogs about styling your front entryway.

I would love to ask the lovely folks at Pinterest about how to fashion a gracious front entryway using messy bibs and muddy gloves.


My endeavor to be neat as a pin is foiled once again, especially since I am a livestock man's wife, but mostly during the winter months. It's impossible. We don't have enough space/time/effort to deal with the sheer volume of stuff that comes with winter choring. Even the kiddos require more layers, for school and for chores.

There are times that I wonder if God has a plan for me, and it is to get over my craziness of craving order, neatness and cleanliness, and in this plan to get over my weirdness, He gave me Joe...a livestock farmer.

So while you're enjoying your hot chocolate, trolling through Pinterest to get inspiration for organizing those cute hats and gloves and scarves, could you also check out if they have any suggestions for manure stained bibs. Then, send them my way!

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