Friday, November 2, 2012

Day Two: Appreciating Expertise

So have I mentioned we have had a few breakdowns in the last leg of our harvest?

Yeah, I know I have.

But what I have failed to mention is that with a cell phone call, a parts run, and a repair truck's arrival, our combine has been back in the field, rolling without much delay.

Our operation consists of years of experience, expertise, ability to discover problems, fix little or big ones, but also the ability to know when to step away, lean upon the piece of equipment that is the source of issue, and make a call for help.

The amazing thing is, unlike a lot of industries, it seems to me that the customer service we receive from the agriculture industry from before the seeds are even in the ground to the time when the tractors, combine, semis, etc. help take the crop out, there's always a face with a first name, cell phone number, and a recognizable pick up truck that will pull in at a moment's notice.

For instance, the guys have become close (this week especially) with Andy Carroll, our repair man from Kliene Equipment. He's been here, whether first thing in the morning or close to quittin' time last night, tinkering, fixing, all the while pleasant and conversational to our farmers who are just almost to the end of their patience.

We appreciate this.

Whether you run green or red or blue or yellow tractors, if you have a good relationship with the service folks, salesmen, parts department, you're going to be loyal to that particular company.

Isn't that something we all believe in? Isn't that why we go to certain grocery stores? We frequent Hy-Vee because of the free cookie. I love Running Central because they help me find the right shoes, and don't mind that my kids may or may not dismantle their sock display while I'm testing them. I love the lady who cuts my hair because she tells me when I show her a picture yay or nay...and I believe her...and she waxes my eyebrows, which is something that not just anyone should do!

As consumers, you deserve a relationship with someone who is providing you a service. From the food you eat to the shoes you wear to the hair you're cutting, you should have a good enough relationship to appreciate and trust their expertise. If you don't, figure out why, ask questions, and possibly move on.

So today, we're hoping to have a big day. We're hopeful that Andy's fix will put the end to the annoying little things that have gone wrong. I am cautiously optimistic that we're close, but I know that with the end of Andy's visits, we will start to see Sam's truck (the salesman)...which I will try to appreciate this relationship as well...even though it could affect my shoe buying habit!

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  1. Great post, we really are blessed to have such great customer service in the Agriculture industry. Since I'm at college I have been working for a marketing company and the other day I had to run to the town over to pick up some printer supplies because our printer company had told us they could come by but then called back two hours later and said they couldn't make it.. it really does show!