Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 14: The Mercy of the Bus

It's official.

I have become a country mom. (And if you don't believe my sentiments, just a few short years ago in regards to the bus, and you'll see my change of heart before your eyes!)


This morning the bus was late, and there was a slight possibility that either Joe or I would have to take the girls to school. Now, I have been up, to town to run already, so it wasn't like I couldn't throw my kids in the car and drive the 10 minutes to town.

It's just that I have gotten so used to (read: spoiled) to our limousine, bus, service.

Honestly, who wouldn't want to wave good bye to their sweet elementary school kids, gripping a cup of warm coffee instead of wading through the sea of minivans during drop off?

My friend Kathleen would beg to differ, but thankfully, she's a city mom, and I'm now an official country mom.

Our children and their school timeliness are, however, at the mercy of the bus. Now, while I do know from teaching, you do not count a student as tardy if he or she is late because of the bus, but when the bus is 10, then 15, and then 20 minutes late, one tends to wonder...where's our driver? Where's the bus? Am I going to have to put my shoes on, again?

We have a threshold. If the bus is not here by 7:45, then we will drive our kids to school. Fortunately, we use the bus because its offered, convenient, and again, who wouldn't when you have two other kids in jammies who would also need to be shoed, bundled, and put in the car. Call me lazy, call me crazy, but once you have the opportunity for someone to come to your driveway, pick up your kids, and bring them back safely, then you'll see.

Anyway, the girls got there, maybe a hair late, but got there nonetheless, and that's good.

What's better is that I'm slowly embracing this country life...


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  1. I just had to laugh about this post! Gotta love the school bus! At least you would only have a ten minute drive - I grew up having a 20 minute drive.