Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day Four: Lost and Found

Well...there's a little bit more excitement around here, and no, it's not because the last 42 acres have been harvested and the combine has been put away for the year (that would be too much to ask for, right?).

Nope. While Joe is off pacing around the unharvested last bit, willing the ground and beans to dry, we're here at home, enjoying the company of a new dog.

As in, another animal.

Like, another life to enjoy, take care of, feed, clean up after...

can you tell I'm super excited.

Sorry all of you animal lovers out there. This little guy is a sweet, well mannered, calm beagle that came to the farm yesterday. However, have I ever mentioned that I am not used to animals? Have I ever shared that this whole world of pets and livestock and random animals that come to stay is rather new to me. Besides a few failed attempts at having kittens (only to be gotten rid of thanks to fleas and walking on my dad's pristine vehicles), a few goldfish attempts (aren't they all?), I am completely clueless to what it's like to own, love, care for and understand an animal. I don't think it's in me. It's not that I would abuse or mistreat an animal, I just don't have it in my genetics.

Joe, however, does...which I guess is good, because that means my kids have the love for animals.

So, I'm outnumbered, and after a trip to the vet this week to see if the animal has an identification chip in it and/or rabies, and then a week of asking around, we might be keeping Buddy as the girls have already named him.

I'm trying.

I'm trying to be excited that maybe our already crazy and high strung farm dog Sadie might be crazy and high strung because she needs a friend.

I'm trying.

I'm also realistic on two accounts. This is a nice dog. There's probably a lovely family who is missing their family pet. We've made a few fliers, thanks to our second grader.

I also remember, as a kid, coming out here to this exact house to find a new cat or dog that was dumped on the roadside. Yes, dumped. Isn't that sad? Even a non-animal person like myself knows that that is sad. So, I'm realistic that this dog might have just been left, and we're going to be his new family.

I'm trying to be okay with now scooping poop for two dogs.


Anyway, in this month of thankfulness, I should be thankful that my girls are so loving an caring and not a heartless Type A neat freak like their mother, and rejoice in the fact that we may have another animal to love on this place.



But, if you're reading this and are missing a lovely animal...please let me know!

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