Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 20: What a Beautiful Day...

... to haul manure.

Isn't that what you're saying, that is, if it is as nice where you are as where it is here.

However, that's what a nice day in the fall/winter often times signifies for a livestock farmer.

So, as we finished up lunch and were discussing who was going to be where and when, Joe announced he would be back in time to help with the bus drop off/preschool pick up/errands etc., because he was just going to spend this lovely afternoon hauling poop (well, he used another word, but this is a G-rated post, people).

Isn't that lovely?

Isn't that a nice mental picture...the week of Thanksgiving, it's unseasonably warm, you maybe thinking turkey, pumpkin pie, maybe a little shopping at the end of the week...no...Joe thinks of manure.

This is the glorious life we lead.

Seriously, though, just like if you have a dog or a cat, you have to manage its excrement. Cows are no different. Not only should they not be trolling around in pasture of patties, manure is also a great natural fertilizer.

While this is not a glamorous job, for those of you non-farmers, don't worry, Joe uses a loader bucket and a tractor...we don't have a giant pooper scooper that he scoops by hand!

Maybe that was already obvious, but I thought I should add it!

Either way, enjoy this lovely day, wherever you are, and think of Joe...happily humming along to tunes as he picks up poop!

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