Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day Three: Just a Leisurely Saturday Morning, Right?

So it's Saturday, and while the breakfast dishes are cleaned up and a few of the kids are dressed (well, if you consider a tutu dressed...which today, I do), Joe wins for busiest male in the house...and that competition is fierce, considering Jack's non-stop toddler job.

If Joe were a list maker, or one of those Facebook status updaters, those ones that list all the things they have done in a day, it might look like this...and again, it's only 9:15:

Up at 5:45.
Trucks started and checked.
Dog fed.
Coffee made (this is important).
Anna up and at 'em to help.
Our seasonal truck driver arrives.
Trucks rolled out and headed to Bartonville.
Trucks unloaded.
Breakfast at McDonald's (this is also important...especially when you're 7).
Quick stop home to drop off Anna, say hi to the kids, and make coffee again (this is again, important).
Dog called into the truck.
Cattle chores to start.

Did I mention that it's now 9:21? In the morning?

Good heavens...not that he should win your pity or a contest, but just remember as you're headed to soccer or football or to get the paper in your jammies at 8:00 on a Saturday morning, there are people out there, already enjoying the blessing of a Saturday morning so you can fuel your car, eat your Corn Flakes and enjoy a hamburger at the ball game.

Maybe hand him a cup of coffee or a Mountain Dew at 3:00 this afternoon...he might need it!
Happy Saturday!

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