Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day Ten: Doughnuts

It's a long standing, nearly unspoken rule in our house.

On Saturday mornings, I run my long run, and am to bring home doughnuts afterwards.


No questions or comments about how early or late I leave for said run. No questions in regards to the length of my run. Just one simple question as I am walking through the door.

"Did you bring doughnuts, Mom?"

I'm not claiming to be a crazy health nut, but I, for the most part, try to make good choices for myself and my kids. I also do not like doughnuts. Really. I am not a person who craves them, drools over Krispy Kremes, oogles over jelly filled creations, etc. I just don't like them. Give me my toast and Nutella, and I'm fine.

Joe, on the other hand, has never met a doughnut he doesn't enjoy.

So, when my kids became crazy doughnut lovers, like their father, I was not shocked.

However, this morning, as I walked through the door from a little 8ish mile jaunt, I was shocked, as my sweet baby boy, my inquisitive toddler met me at the door and proclaimed,


Oh boy...

I guess my husband's, and daughters' and now son's love of doughnuts will keep my long runs in business.

As long as the good folks at Casey's continue to crank them out!

Happy Saturday!

Linking up again with Holly and her 30 Days on a Prairie Farm series.

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  1. Doughnuts absolutely. But if you see me running you better start running too because there is no doubt something chasing me.
    Keep up the great posts.