Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 24: Frozen Hair and Fair Weather Chores

My hair froze today.

Honestly, I am like a science experiment. First of all, how does one sweat when one is running in 19 degree weather? And then, how does one's hair simultaneously freeze? Well, you run a long run and let me know if it happens to doesn't happen to my running partner, but she's not a sweater...and I sweat chewing gum while standing in a deep freeze. Either way,  I looked like Pippy Longstocking by the end of my run today. Or some crazy woman. Or a little of both.

However, while we were crazy enough to make the choice to run when it's on 19 degrees, Joe, like many livestock farmers, does not have the choice of whether or not the cows are checked and fed on cold days like today.

Anna, on the other hand, does have a choice, and when she saw my frozen hair (after I had been in the car for 10 minutes, it was still frozen), she decided she was staying home this morning.

I'd say she's a bit of a fair weather chorer, wouldn't you?

She's also seven, and smart, and if you had the choice, wouldn't you stay in your jammies and warm house when it's 19 degrees?

Not me...thus the frozen hair.

Anyway, Joe's out there, braving the elements, currently in the comfort of his warm farm truck, but still out there, and for that, I am awed at his dedication to his herd.

If only I could get him to transfer his dedication to putting up the Christmas lights today...

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