Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 27: Josie


Oh dear, sweet, loving, emotional, dramatic, loyal...and now SIX YEAR OLD Josie.

Today is our Josie's sixth birthday, and we are excited for the day, not just because the morning included presents, singing, and lots of delighted squeals, but that it is the culmination of Josie's birthday countdown. Since November 1st, we have been counting down as a family (mainly Josie) the days until November 27th.

And now it's here, and we've opened presents, sent her to school with a birthday snack, and will continue the celebration this evening.

Josie is our wild card, for sure. As much as Joe and Anna are peas in a farm-kid pod, Jos and I are more alike than not. From our body language (she likes her hands on her hips, too...not so cute when she's being smarty...which is another similarity, but I digress) to our expressions to our love of all things dramatic and sparkly, Jos is my girl, for sure. I'm not saying that I favor her over the others, I just understand her.

I get her.

She's like me.

As a baby, Josie was "sewious" (serious), as Anna would say. She was (and still is) the most moody of our kids. We sometimes even call her Jekyll and Jos because one minute she'll be on top of the world, and the next, she's whiny and grouchy and irritated.

Like her mother.

However, that makes her a fiercely loyal kid. Josie loves to be covered in friends, always making new ones, no matter where she goes. She is known throughout the kindergarten by all the kids...which makes me proud and nervous at the same time! She has no fear of adults, especially at school, and has been known to not only converse with the superintendent while standing in the lunch line, but also ask Anna's teacher while in the hallway how "Anna was doing in school?"

She's my girl...she could talk to a brick wall and get it to talk back!

It's such an exciting day. As a mother, I spend the birthdays of my children recounting the actual birth, and remembering all the firsts. It's a bittersweet day, as it began with all the joy a new Barbie and fur vest can bring to a girly six year old, and continues with me holding my sweet little girl, wondering who she will be and how she could possibly be this perfect.

We are so blessed to have Josie in our lives. Although she's the littlest in size of our crew, she's going to do big things, I just know it. It's in her. She's got that spark...

like her mother, right??

Happy birthday, Sweet Jos!

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