Monday, November 5, 2012

Day Five: We're Done and Moving On

There's much to be thankful for around here.
First and foremost, we're finished with harvest as of about 7:00 last night.


I wanted Joe to take a picture of the last pass through the bean field, but it's so dark, you can only see headlights shining.

Thus the reason I am not a photographer...ever.

Anyway, no rest for the weary, as time still marches on, as far as the farm is concerned. So different from other professions, isn't it? As a teacher, my first day of summer break was spent going "AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh..." Joe's first day of this non-harvest day: chores early and now hauling the last of the beans to the elevator. Not a lot of Ahhhhhh time on the couch, but mentally, he's happily moving on.

There's something about finishing anything that gives one a sense of calm, satisfaction, respite, accomplishment, and also a sense of moving on. Especially in this year of craziness, we're ready for another stage. Let's forget this year of ups and downs and drought and breakdowns and move on.

We're thankful to be involved in agriculture, but it is not for the weak, thus my mood swings when I'm just the one who has to feed the farmers, not operate anything!

So here's to another harvest in the books, and for moving on.


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