Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 16: And On That Note...

We know one of the finalists for the US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance Faces of Farming and Ranching!!! Well, actually Joe knows her...I have met her a few times, and have been wowed by her credentials, sat by her at a meeting, so I guess that counts as knowing her, right?

Seven degrees of Kevin Bacon standards...but I digress.

Anyway, Katie Pratt is her name, and agriculture is her game! Joe knew her as a state FFA officer ( in fact, both her sister and her brother were state officers...I think Joe secretly hopes our kids get this honor, but he'd never claim to have that hope, right, dear? ;) ), then as an employee of National FFA. Katie went on to not only raise an family and run a large farm in Northernish Illinois, but also, just this last year, won the National Discussion Meet for Farm Bureau...which is like debating, but about hot agricultural topics. She won this award...lucky HAWAII. She also has been a part of the USFRA's panel for their Food Dialogues in Los Angeles, which is a huge deal, too, as this is a rather exclusive panel.

In other words, she's WAY QUALIFIED and would be amazing at this position...kind of makes me even feel bad for feeling sorry for myself for not getting in the finals, as my last discussion meet was with Jack over syrup or no syrup on his contention being he did NOT need it, as who gives a 1 year old syrup...he won.

I rest my case.

Good choice, USFRA! Katie Pratt should be the Face of Farming and Ranching, and here's how you can help her, dear reader:

1) Go to USFRA's Faces of Farming and Ranching page here.
2) Become an educated voter and read the profiles of each contestant.
3) Realize that I was right, and Katie is the best candidate.
4) Cast your vote for her, where it says "vote." Now, you'll have to register, but it's no big deal, if anything, it's another email or two...and if you're like me, I just deleted about 75 emails from Banana Republic, American Girl, JCrew. and the like, so get over it!

Seriously, this girl is for real, and although did not sponsor this ad, she should...she would make an excellent ambassador for agriculture.

However, I still contend I had the coolest necklace in the mix!! :)

Linking up with Miss Holly and her 30 Days on a Prairie Farm fun!!

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